Defence Exams

Welcome to the Defence Exams section of PadhaiKendra. This section is dedicated to helping aspiring candidates prepare for the prestigious and highly competitive defence examinations in India. If you dream of serving your nation and joining the armed forces, you have come to the right place.

Indian Defence Exams are known for their rigorous selection process, which includes written exams, physical fitness tests, and interviews. The exams cover a wide range of subjects, including General Knowledge, English language proficiency, Mathematics, and specific topics related to defence and current affairs.

In this section, we strive to provide comprehensive study materials, expert guidance, and valuable resources to aid you in your exam preparation. Our content is tailored to meet the specific requirements of various defence exams, such as the National Defence Academy (NDA), Combined Defence Services (CDS), Indian Air Force (IAF), Indian Navy (IN), and more.

You will find a diverse range of resources, including practice tests, previous years’ question papers, study notes, and tips for enhancing your time management and problem-solving skills. We aim to equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence necessary to excel in these challenging examinations.

Begin your preparation now and let us help you achieve your goals. Best of luck in your journey towards a successful defence career!

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