Abeyance Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Abeyance – Noun

Abeyance Meaning in English:

      • temporary cessation
      • cessation
      • pause
      • discontinuance
      • interruption

It implies that something is put on hold or temporarily set aside.

Abeyance Meaning in Hindi:

      • स्थगन
      • अबेयंस
      • निलंबन
      • विराम

Use of “Abeyance” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: The project was put in abeyance until further notice.
  • Hindi: यह परियोजना अगली सूचना तक के लिए निलंबित कर दी गई है।
  • English: The hostilities between the two countries have been in abeyance since last June.
  • Hindi: शत्रुता दोनों देशों के बीच पिछले जून से ही निलंबित है।
  • English: The law is in abeyance until the new government is formed.
  • Hindi: कानून तब तक निलंबित रहेगा जब तक कि नई सरकार नहीं बनती है।

Synonyms of Abeyance: suspension, dormancy, inactivity, intermission.

Antonyms of Abeyance: activity, operation, use, practice.


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