Allegiance Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Allegiance – Noun

Allegiance Meaning in English:

      • faithfulness
      • dedication
      • loyalty

It signifies a commitment or obligation to support and uphold certain principles, values, or authorities.

Allegiance Meaning in Hindi:

      • निष्ठा
      • वफ़ादारी
      • राज-भक्ति

Use of “Allegiance ” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • Hindi: वे अपने देश के प्रति निष्ठा रखते हैं।
  • English: They are loyal to their country.
  • Hindi: उन्होंने अपने नेता के प्रति भक्ति की शपथ ली।
  • English: They swore allegiance to their leader.

Synonyms of Allegiance: Loyalty, faithfulness, devotion, fealty, adherence, commitment

Antonyms of Allegiance: Disloyalty, betrayal, treason, treachery


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