Anarchy Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Anarchy – Noun

Anarchy Meaning in English:

      • Disorder
      • Lawlessness

It is a condition in which there is no established or effective system of governance, often leading to chaos, lawlessness, and disorder.

Anarchy Meaning in Hindi:

      • अशासन
      • अव्यवस्था

Use of “Anarchy” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: After the overthrow of the government, the country descended into anarchy with widespread violence and looting.
Hindi: सरकार की पुनः प्रशासन के बाद, विस्तारणीय हिंसा और लूट के साथ देश अराजकता में गिर गया।
English: The absence of traffic rules and enforcement led to traffic anarchy on the chaotic streets.
Hindi: यातायात नियमों और प्रवर्तन की अभाव में, अशांत सड़कों पर यातायात अराजकता हो गया।
English: In the absence of a teacher, the classroom descended into anarchy, with students running wild.
Hindi: एक शिक्षक की अनुपस्थिति में, विद्यालय कक्षा अराजकता में गिर गई, जिसमें छात्र अव्यवस्थित हो गए।

Synonyms of Anarchy: Disorder, chaos, lawlessness, tumult

Antonyms of Anarchy: Order, governance, authority, lawfulness, regulation


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