Aristocratic Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Aristocratic – Adjective

Aristocratic Meaning in English:

      • belonging to, having the qualities of, or favoring aristocracy
      • spectacular
      • sublime
      • gorgeous

It describes someone or something that is associated with nobility, privilege, and refined manners.

Aristocratic Meaning in Hindi:

      • कुलीनतंत्रीय
      • भव्य
      • स्‍वल्‍पतंत्रीय
      • प्रतापी

Use of “Aristocratic ” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: He belongs to an aristocratic family.
  • Hindi: वह एक कुलीन परिवार से ताल्लुक रखता है।
  • English: He lives in a very aristocratic and luxurious manner.
  • Hindi: वह बहुत ही कुलीन और ठाठ से रहता है।

Synonyms of Aristocratic: Noble, high-born, upper-class, elite, privileged, exclusive, refined

Antonyms of Aristocratic: Common, ordinary, plebeian, vulgar, unrefined, base


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