Cackle Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Cackle – Verb

Cackle Meaning in English:

      • to laugh in a loud, unpleasant way
      • Chuckle

That means to emit a rapid, sharp, and often high-pitched series of noises or laughter, typically done by hens or people when they are amused or excited.

Cackle Meaning in Hindi:

      • खिलखिलाना
      • हँसना

Use of “Cackle” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: The children cackled with delight as they opened their presents on Christmas morning.
Hindi: बच्चे खुशी से खुदा दिन के अपने उपहार खोलते समय खिलखिला उठे।
English: The old witch cackled as she stirred her cauldron, creating a mysterious potion.
Hindi: जब वृद्ध चुड़ैल अपनी कढ़ाही में छलकाने के दौरान खिलखिलाई, तो एक रहस्यमय अशुद्धि बनाई।
English: When the comedian told his funny jokes, the audience couldn’t help but cackle.
Hindi: जब हास्यकार ने अपने मजेदार चुटकुले सुनाए, तो दर्शकों को खिलखिलाने से रोक नहीं सका।

Synonyms of Cackle: Chuckle, giggle, laugh, guffaw, snicker

Antonyms of Cackle: Sob, cry, weep, mourn


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