Countenance Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Countenance – Noun/Verb

Countenance Meaning in English:

      • expression (NOUN)
      • permit (VERB)

Countenance Meaning in Hindi:

      • हाव-भाव
      • स्वीकार करना

Use of “Countenance” Word in Sentences, Examples as Verb

  • English: Her countenance showed a mix of joy and surprise when she received the award.
  • Hindi: उसका चेहरा उत्साह और आश्चर्य से भर गया, जब उसे अवार्ड मिला।

Use of “Countenance” Word in Sentences, Examples as Noun

  • English: The company cannot countenance any unethical practices among its employees.
  • Hindi: कंपनी अपने कर्मचारियों के बीच नैतिकता की किसी भी अनैतिक व्यवहार को समर्थन नहीं कर सकती।

Synonyms of Countenance: allow, permit, sanction, approve

Antonyms of Countenance: disapprove, reject, veto


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