Credulous Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Credulous – Adjective

Credulous Meaning in English:

      • Gullible
      • Trusting

It describes a person who is too willing to believe or accept something as true, especially without sufficient evidence or critical thinking.

Credulous Meaning in Hindi:

      • भोला
      • सीधा

Use of “Credulous” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: The con artist took advantage of the credulous nature of his victims and swindled them out of their money.
Hindi: धोखाधड़ी कला के कर्ता अपने पीड़ितों की विश्वासी प्रकृति का फायदा उठाते थे और उनके पैसे चुरा लिए।
English: She was so credulous that she believed every urban legend she heard.
Hindi: वह इतनी विश्वासी थी कि उसने सभी शहरी किस्सों को सुनकर मान लिया।
English: Credulous individuals are often targeted by scams and fraudsters.
Hindi: विश्वासी व्यक्तियों को अक्सर धोखाधड़ी और धोखाधड़ीकरों के द्वारा लक्षित किया जाता है।

Synonyms of Credulous: Gullible, naive, trusting, easily deceived, uncritical
Antonyms of Credulous: Skeptical, cynical, suspicious, discerning, critical


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