Dalliance Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Dalliance – Noun

Dalliance Meaning in English:

      • dallying
      • flirtation

It refers to a casual or frivolous romantic or sexual relationship, typically characterized by brief and playful encounters.

Dalliance Meaning in Hindi:

      • क्रीड़ा
      • छेड़खानी
      • अस्थायी प्रेमालाप

Use of “Dalliance” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: Their dalliance at the party was evident to everyone, as they spent the evening dancing and laughing together.
  • Hindi: पार्टी में उनका संगीतमय खेल सभी के लिए स्पष्ट था, क्योंकि वे शाम भर साथ में नृत्य और हँसी करते रहे।
  • English: The actor’s dalliance with various co-stars often made headlines in the media.
  • Hindi: अभिनेता का विभिन्न सह-स्टार्स के साथ मनोरंजन का समय आम तौर पर मीडिया में चर्चाओं का विषय बना।
  • English: During the lunch break, the students enjoyed a dalliance in the playground, playing games and sharing stories.
  • Hindi: लंच विराम के दौरान, छात्र खेलकूद और कहानियों का संगीतमय खेल का आनंद लिया।

Synonyms of Dalliance: flirtation, philandering, dallying, toying, trifling

Antonyms of Dalliance: seriousness, commitment, dedication, devotion


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