Degenerate Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Degenerate – Verb

Degenerate Meaning in English:

      • to become worse
      • Deteriorate

It refers to a decline or deterioration from a previous, more desirable condition.

Degenerate Meaning in Hindi:

      • गिरावट
      • कमी

Use of “Degenerate” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: Over time, the once beautiful old mansion degenerated into a dilapidated building.
Hindi: समय के साथ, पहले खूबसूरत पुराना महल एक बिगड़ा हुआ इमारत में बदल गया।
English: The city’s infrastructure has degenerated due to years of neglect and lack of maintenance.
Hindi: शहर का बुनाई गई बाधा और अनुरक्षण की अनदेखी और अनुरक्षण की कमी के कारण अपयय हो गया है।
English: His degenerate behavior and addiction to drugs caused his family to be deeply concerned.
Hindi: उसका पतनकारी व्यवहार और मादकों की लत के कारण उसके परिवार को गहरी चिंता होने लगी।

Synonyms of Degenerate: Deteriorate, decay, decline, worsen, corrupt
Antonyms of Degenerate: Improve, progress, enhance, ameliorate, refine


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