Despondent Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Despondent – Adjective

Despondent Meaning in English:

      • Downhearted
      • Disheartened

It signifies a deep sense of discouragement or dejection.

Despondent Meaning in Hindi:

      • मायूस
      • निरुत्साह

Use of “Despondent” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: After losing the championship, the athlete felt despondent and defeated.
Hindi: चैम्पियनशिप हारने के बाद, खिलाड़ी ने खुद को निराश और हार किया महसूस किया।
English: The constant setbacks in his career left him feeling despondent and without motivation.
Hindi: उसके करियर में लगातार हानियां उसे निराश और प्रोत्साहन के बिना छोड़ दी।
English: She became despondent when her manuscript was rejected by multiple publishers.
Hindi: उसे अपने हस्तलिखित लेखन में कई प्रकाशकों द्वारा अस्वीकार किया जाने पर निराश हो गया।

Synonyms of Despondent: Downhearted, disheartened, discouraged, dispirited, gloomy
Antonyms of Despondent: Hopeful, optimistic, cheerful, elated, encouraged


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