Discernment Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Discernment – Noun

Discernment Meaning in English:

      • judgement
      • taste
      • discrimination

It refers to the ability to perceive, recognize, or understand things with insight and good judgment.

Discernment Meaning in Hindi:

      • विवेक
      • समझदारी

Use of “Discernment” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: Her discernment of people’s true intentions helped her avoid getting into harmful relationships.
  • Hindi: लोगों की सच्ची इच्छाओं का उनके द्वारा विवेकी समझने ने उन्हें हानिकारक संबंधों में पड़ने से बचाया।
  • English: The teacher’s discernment in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of her students allowed her to tailor her teaching methods accordingly.
  • Hindi: शिक्षक की उसके छात्रों के सामर्थ्यों और कमियों को पहचानने में बुद्धि ने उसे अनुकूलित शिक्षण विधियों को अनुसारित किया।
  • English: The discernment of the jury led to a fair and just verdict in the complex court case.
  • Hindi: ज्यूरी का विवेकी निर्णय ने जटिल न्यायिक मामले में न्यायसंगत और इंसाफ़ीने फ़ैसला किया।

Synonyms of Discernment: insight, judgment, sagacity, discrimination, perception

Antonyms of Discernment: obtuseness, stupidity, dullness, denseness, lack of judgment


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