Incongruous Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Incongruous – Adjective

Incongruous Meaning in English:

      • not harmonious
      • out of place

It used to describe something that is not in harmony or is out of place within a particular context.

Incongruous Meaning in Hindi:

      • असंगत
      • बेतुका
      • बेमेल

Use of “Incongruous” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: The bright red couch looked incongruous in the otherwise minimalist living room.
Hindi: वो तेज़ लाल सोफ़ा अन्यथा मेनिमलिस्ट बैठक में अनुरूप लग रहा था।
English: His casual attire was incongruous with the formal dress code of the event.
Hindi: उसके कैज़ुअल पहनावे को आयोजन की औपचारिक परिधि के साथ अनुरूप माना जा सकता था।
English: The use of humor in such a serious speech seemed incongruous and inappropriate.
Hindi: इस तरह के गंभीर भाषण में हास्य का प्रयोग अनुरूप और अनुपयुक्त लगा।

Synonyms of Incongruous: Inappropriate, Discrepant, Mismatched, Discordant, Unfitting
Antonyms of Incongruous: Congruous, Harmonious, Suitable, Appropriate, Compatible


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