Itinerant Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Itinerant – Adjective

Itinerant Meaning in English:

      • travelling
      • peripatetic
      • wandering

It used to describe a person who travels from place to place, typically for work or as part of their profession, rather than living in one fixed location.

Itinerant Meaning in Hindi:

      • अस्थिर

Use of “Itinerant” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: The itinerant musician traveled from village to village, sharing his melodies with different communities.
  • Hindi: यात्रागामी संगीतकार गांव से गांव यात्रा करते थे, विभिन्न समुदायों के साथ अपनी धुनें साझा करते हुए।
  • English: The itinerant monk spent years wandering across the country, seeking spiritual enlightenment.
  • Hindi: यात्रागामी संन्यासी ने वर्षों तक देशभर में भटकते हुए आध्यात्मिक उद्धार की खोज की।
  • English: The itinerant traders brought exotic goods from distant lands and traded them in the bustling markets.
  • Hindi: यात्रागामी व्यापारी दूरस्थ देशों से अनोखे सामान लाकर उन्हें फुटफूट बाज़ारों में व्यापार करते थे।

Synonyms of Itinerant: nomadic, wandering, roving, peripatetic, migratory

Antonyms of Itinerant: settled, stationary, fixed, permanent


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