Lament Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Lament – Noun

Lament Meaning in English:

      • wail
      • wailing
      • lamentation

That means to express grief, sorrow, or regret. It is often used to express deep sadness or mourning over a loss or a tragic event.

Lament Meaning in Hindi:

      • दुखी होना
      • शोक मनाना

Use of “Lament” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: The community gathered to lament the passing of their beloved leader.
  • Hindi: समुदाय अपने प्यारे नेता के निधन पर विलाप करने के लिए इकट्ठा हुआ।
  • English: The poet’s verses were filled with lament for the loss of innocence in society.
  • Hindi: कवि के छंदों में समाज में मासूमियत के नष्ट होने के लिए विलाप था।
  • English: She couldn’t help but lament the missed opportunities in her career.
  • Hindi: उसे अपने करियर में गुजर गए अवसरों पर शोक प्रकट करने से बचा नहीं जा सका।

Synonyms of Lament: bewail, mourn, grieve, sorrow, regret

Antonyms of Lament: rejoice, celebrate, be happy, be glad


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