Ponderous Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Ponderous – Adjective

Ponderous Meaning in English:

      • clumsy
      • slow
      • heavy

It means heavy, bulky, or slow and laborious in movement or thought.

Ponderous Meaning in Hindi:

      • भारी-भरकम

Use of “Ponderous” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: The old library had a collection of ponderous books that required effort to lift.
  • Hindi: पुरानी पुस्तकालय में भारी किताबें थीं, जिन्हें उठाने के लिए प्रयास की आवश्यकता थी।
  • English: The elephant walked with a ponderous gait, its massive body moving slowly.
  • Hindi: हाथी धीरे चलते हुए चलता था, उसके विशाल शरीर को धीरे से हिलाते हुए।
  • English: The professor delivered a ponderous lecture, filled with complex ideas and lengthy explanations.
  • Hindi: प्रोफेसर ने एक भारी व्याख्यान दिया, जिसमें जटिल विचारों और लंबी समझाने की व्याख्याएँ थीं।

Synonyms of Ponderous: weighty, massive, cumbersome, unwieldy, ponderous

Antonyms of Ponderous: light, nimble, graceful, agile, dexterous


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