Quiescent Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Quiescent – Adjective

Quiescent Meaning in English:

      • inactive
      • inert

It describes something that is still, quiet, or not showing signs of activity or development at a particular time.

Quiescent Meaning in Hindi:

      • निष्क्रिय
      • शांत
      • सुनसान

Use of “Quiescent” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: The volcano had been quiescent for many years, but geologists were monitoring it closely for any signs of an eruption.
Hindi: ज्वालामुखी बहुत सालों से शांत था, लेकिन भूविज्ञानी उसके किसी प्रवृत्ति के किसी संकेत के लिए ध्यान से निगरानी कर रहे थे।
English: After the hectic week, she enjoyed the quiescent serenity of her countryside retreat.
Hindi: व्यस्त सप्ताह के बाद, उसने अपनी गाँव की अशांति का आनंद लिया।
English: The company’s quiescent growth was a cause for concern, and they needed to explore new markets.
Hindi: कंपनी की शांत वृद्धि चिंता का कारण थी, और उन्हें नए बाजारों की खोज करनी थी।

Synonyms of Quiescent: Dormant, Inactive, Still, Silent, Sluggish
Antonyms of Quiescent: Active, Dynamic, Vibrant, Energetic, Lively



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