Rapacious Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Rapacious – Adjective

Rapacious Meaning in English:

      • grasping
      • greedy

Rapacious means excessively grasping or covetous. It can also mean to be plundering or predatory.

Rapacious Meaning in Hindi:

      • लालची
      • लोभी

Use of “Rapacious” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: The rapacious businessman was always looking for new ways to make money.
  • Hindi: लोभी व्यवसायी हमेशा नए तरीकों से पैसा कमाने की तलाश में था।
  • English: The rapacious king plundered the kingdom’s treasury.
  • Hindi: लोभी राजा ने राज्य के खजाने को लूट लिया।
  • English: The rapacious tiger attacked the deer herd.
  • Hindi: लोभी बाघ ने हिरण के झुंड पर हमला किया।

Synonyms of Rapacious: greedy, avaricious, acquisitive, grasping, predatory

Antonyms of Rapacious: generous, charitable, benevolent, altruistic, selfless


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