Recrudescence Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Recrudescence – Noun

Recrudescence Meaning in English:

      • Reappearance

Recrudescence refers to the revival or reappearance of a disease, a symptom, or a negative condition, often after a period of improvement or dormancy.

Recrudescence Meaning in Hindi:

      • फिर से फैलना

Use of “Recrudescence” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: After a period of remission, the recrudescence of the cancer was a devastating blow to the patient.
Hindi: सुखाधिक अवधि के बाद, कैंसर का पुनर्जीवन मरीज के लिए एक भयानक प्रहार था।
English: The recrudescence of violence in the region has led to concerns about the safety of the residents.
Hindi: क्षेत्र में हिंसा का पुनर्जीवन निवासियों की सुरक्षा के बारे में चिंता उत्पन्न कर दी है।
English: The recrudescence of the old conflict between the two nations threatens to destabilize the entire region.
Hindi: दो राष्ट्रों के बीच पुराने संघर्ष का पुनर्जीवन पूरे क्षेत्र को अस्थिर करने की आशंका है।

Synonyms of Recrudescence: Resurgence, Revival, Reappearance, Relapse, Renewal
Antonyms of Recrudescence: Abatement, Decline, Subsidence, Ebb, Weakening



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