Translucent Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Translucent – Adjective

Translucent Meaning in English:

      • Semi-transparent
      • Clear

An adjective used to describe an object or substance that allows light to pass through, but diffuses it in a way that objects on the other side cannot be clearly seen.

Translucent Meaning in Hindi:

      • पारभासी
      • निर्मल

Use of “Translucent” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: The bathroom window is made of translucent glass to allow natural light in without compromising privacy.
Hindi: बाथरूम की खिड़की प्राकृतिक प्रकाश को अंधकरण बिना प्राइवेसी को खत्म किए पारदर्शी कांच से बनी है.
English: She wore a translucent scarf that allowed a hint of her smile to show through.
Hindi: उसने एक पारदर्शी स्कार्फ पहना था जिससे उसकी मुस्कान की हलकी सी झलक दिखती थी.
English: The lake was so clear and translucent that you could see fish swimming beneath the surface.
Hindi: झील इतनी साफ और पारदर्शी थी कि आप पानी के नीचे तैरते हुए मछलियाँ देख सकते थे.

Synonyms of Translucent: Clear, semi-transparent, see-through, lucid, pellucid.
Antonyms of Translucent: Opaque, murky, cloudy, obscure, turbid.


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