Unfasten Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Unfasten – Verb

Unfasten Meaning in English:

      • Undo
      • Release

To unsecure, unlock, or loosen something that was previously fastened, tied, or closed.

Unfasten Meaning in Hindi:

      • खोलना
      • मुक्त करना

Use of “Unfasten” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: She unfastened her seatbelt as soon as the plane landed.
Hindi: उसने तुरंत विमान भूमिपर उतरते ही अपनी सीटबेल्ट को खोल दिया.
English: The lock on the old chest was rusty, making it difficult to unfasten.
Hindi: पुराने संदूक पर का ताला जंगली था, जिससे खोलना मुश्किल था.
English: The sailor had to unfasten the ropes quickly as the storm approached.
Hindi: जब तूफ़ान करीब आया, नाविक को तारों को तेजी से खोलना पड़ा.

Synonyms of Unfasten: Undo, open, release, unbolt, disengage.
Antonyms of Unfasten: Fasten, secure, lock, close, tighten.


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