Verbose Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Verbose – Adjective

Verbose Meaning in English:

      • long-winded
      • wordy

Someone or something that uses more words than necessary

Verbose Meaning in Hindi:

      • शब्दाडंबरपूर्ण
      • शब्दबाज़

Use of “Verbose” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: He is very verbose and tends to speak in a long-winded manner.
  • Hindi: वह बहुत शब्दबाज़ है और अपनी बातें लंबी-चौड़ी करके कहता है।
  • English: The school principal gave instructions to the children in a verbose language.
  • Hindi: स्कूल के प्रिंसिपल ने बच्चों को शब्दाडंबरपूर्ण भाषा में उपदेश दिया।

Synonyms of Verbose: wordy, long-winded, prolix, diffuse, circumlocutory, redundant, tautological, pleonastic, verbosely

Antonyms of Verbose: concise, succinct, terse, to the point, pithy, laconic, cryptic


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