One Word Substitution Quiz 10


One Word Substitution Quiz 10- Choose the best one out of the four alternatives which can be substituted for the given group of words/sentence-

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1. Fear from closed space


2. Fear from works


3. Not easily pleased by anythig


4. A specially long, formal letter


5. Fear from mountain


6. The appearing of the objects which are not really there


7. Something no longer in use


8. Fear from height


9. A council convened to discuss ecclesiastical business


10. The act of ordaining; the act of conferring (or receiving) holy orders


11. Fear from sound


12. Fear from poverty


13. Flamboyant confidence of style or manner


14. One who deals in furs


15. To die without having made a will


16. A person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads


17. Mania for travel


18. One who looks at the bright side of things


19. Stealthily done


20. An excessively desire to steal






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