One Word Substitution Quiz 19


One Word Substitution Quiz 19- Choose the best one out of the four alternatives which can be substituted for the given group of words/sentence-

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1. a two-wheeled horse-drawn cab accommodating two inside, with the driver seated behind


2. The belief that the world can be made better by human effort.


3. A foreigner who settles in a country


4. a reckless impetuous irresponsible person


5. Persuasive with fluent speech


6. An object, building, or work of art from the ancient past


7. Doing something according to one’s own free will


8. To cut something into two Pieces


9. The belief of fate


10. Science regarding principles of classification


11. Specialist of women’s diseases


12. One who speaks for other


13. One who deserts his religion


14. Flat metal or Porcelain plate fixed on a wall as an ornament or memorial


15. Mania for money


16. Large luxurious car; usually driven by a chauffeur


17. Constant effort to achieve something


18. Intense desire for starting fires


19. A traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical


20. One who is between 60 to 69






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