One Word Substitution Quiz 31

One Word Substitution Quiz 31- Choose the best one out of the four alternatives which can be substituted for the given group of words/sentences-

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1. A secret massage written in code


2. Belief of one god


3. Study of skin


4. Walk in a slow relaxed way


5. An annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data and tide tables


6. A large group of star


7. Travel regularly between two or more places


8. The press; the profession of journalism


9. Pertaining to cattle


10. A crime regarded more serious than a misdemeanour.


11. Related to cancer


12. Philosophy of selflessness


13. Code of deplomatic etiquette and precedence


14. One who copies from other writers


15. Study of insects


16. A severe defeat after a time of unusual success


17. A public show of objects


18. A large, tall cupboard in which clothes may be hung or stored.


19. A widely accepted rule of conduct or general truth briefly expressed


20. A prolonged state of deep unconsciousness, caused especially by severe injury or illness


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