One Word Substitution Quiz 38

One Word Substitution Quiz 38- Choose the best one out of the four alternatives which can be substituted for the given group of words/sentences-

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1. a stadium for horse shows or horse races


2. He is a doctor who is a specialist in skin diseases


3. Place that provides refuge


4. Wild and noisy Disorder


5. To take back, withdraw or renounce


6. Sudden and violent change


7. Specializes in nose diseases


8. A pen for small animals


9. One who deserts his principles or party


10. A noisy and bombastic speech addressed to a large assembly


11. A person who leaves their country to live in another


12. belonging to the middle class


13. A decorative handwriting


14. Grass and the surface layer of earth held together by its roots.


15. The act of killing a whole group of people, especially a whole race


16. A sudden angry departure, especially as a protest or strike


17. Possessing unlimited powers


18. To throw or drop Unnecessary goods of fuel from a ship, an aircraft, a spacecraft etc.


19. Object which moves around its planet


20. Doing something according to one’s own free will


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