One Word Substitution Quiz 6


One Word Substitution Quiz 6- Choose the best one out of the four alternatives which can be substituted for the given group of words/sentence-

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1. Incapable of being corrected


2. State of anxiety or dismay causing mental confusion


3. There was a peaceful settlement of the matter between the two parties


4. A person who abstains completely from alcoholic drink


5. A substitute, especially a person deputizing for another in a specific role or office


6. The scientific study of living organisms


7. A shopkeeper who sells fresh and green vegetables


8. Done with good judgement


9. The depository where state records and documents are preserved


10. Poem in short stanzas narrating a popular story


11. One who possesses many talents


12. Like an ape or a monkey


13. The study of worms and insects


14. Impossible to decipher, make out or read


15. Persons working together in the same institute


16. A place where foodgrains are stored


17. A mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside


18. Willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas


19. A person who devotes his/her life for the welfare of other


20. A building for housing curios






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