India has a long coastline of around 7,500 km, and several ports are located along this coastline. These ports play a crucial role in the country’s economy as they are the gateways for international trade, facilitating the import and export of goods.

Here are some of the major ports in India:

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT): Located in Maharashtra, JNPT is the largest container port in India, handling around 60% of the country’s container traffic.
  2. Chennai Port Trust: Located in Tamil Nadu, Chennai Port is the second-largest port in India, handling various types of cargo such as containers, liquid bulk, and dry bulk.
  3. Visakhapatnam Port Trust: Located in Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam Port is one of the busiest ports on the east coast of India, handling various types of cargo such as iron ore, coal, and petroleum products.
  4. Paradip Port Trust: Located in Odisha, Paradip Port is the deepest port on the east coast of India and is capable of handling large vessels.
  5. Kolkata Port Trust: Located in West Bengal, Kolkata Port is one of the oldest ports in India and handles various types of cargo such as jute, tea, and coal.
  6. Kandla Port Trust: Located in Gujarat, Kandla Port is India’s largest port by volume of cargo handled, and it primarily handles dry bulk cargo such as grains, salt, and coal.
  7. Mumbai Port Trust: Located in Maharashtra, Mumbai Port is the largest port on the west coast of India and handles various types of cargo such as liquid bulk, containers, and general cargo.

Apart from these major ports, India has several other ports located along the east and west coasts, such as Tuticorin Port, Mangalore Port, Haldia Port, and Ennore Port. The government of India is also planning to develop several new ports along the coastline to enhance the capacity and efficiency of the country’s maritime transport system.

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