1. Cardiograph → instrument for recording movements of the heart.
2. Electrocardiograph → instrument for recording unusual electrical fluctuations of the heart.
3. Electroencephalograph →instrument for measuring the brain’s electrical impulses.
4. Ergograph → instrument for measuring & recording muscular work.
5. Hyetograph → instrument for recording rainfall.
6. Odontograph→ instrument for obtaining curves for gear teeth.
7. Seismograph → instrument for recording earthquakes.
8. Thermograph → instrument for recording changes in temperature.
9. Eidograph → instrument for copying drawings.
10. Sonograph → instrument for recording & analysing sound.

1. Odometer → instrument for measuring distance travelled in a vehicle.
2. Anemometer→ instrument for measuring wind velocity.
3. Barometer →instrument for measuring air pressure.
4. Galvanometer → instrument for measuring electric current.
5. Hydrometer → instrument for measuring specific gravity of liquids.
6. Hygrometer → instrument for measuring air moisture.
7. Salinometer→ instrument for measuring amount of salt in a solution.
8. Pneumatometer→ instrument for measuring quantity of air breathed.
9. Speedometer → instrument for measuring velocity.
10.Thermometer → instrument for measuring temperatures.

1. Seismoscope → instrument for detecting earthquakes.
2. Selenoscope→ instrument for viewing the moon.
3. Statoscope →instrument for measuring small changes in atmospheric pressure.
4. Stethoscope → instrument for detecting sounds produced by the body.
5. Telescope → instrument for viewing objects at great distances.
6. Thermoscope → instrument for indicating change in temperature.
7. Radioscope → instrument for viewing objects using X-Rays.
8. Auriscope → instrument for examining the ear.
9. Hydroscope → instrument for viewing under water.
10. Microscope→instrument for magnifying small objects.

My cousin (A)/ has been ill (B)/ since three days.(C)/ No error (D)
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D
a) Modiccum
b) Modicum
c) Medicuma
d) Meidicum
Ans: bAll the words except, “Modicum” are incorrectly spelt. The word Modicum means a small or moderate or token amount.

To be snowed under
a) To work really hard
b) To hear rumours
c) To be very busy
d) To be dismissed from your job
Ans: c

The phrase, “To be snowed under” means to be very busy.
➢ I feel snowed under with all the work
my boss keeps throwing my way.
It takes two to tango.
c) Both people involved in a bad situation are responsible for it.

• Ans: c
• Both people involved in a bad
situation are responsible for it.

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