Felicity Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Felicity – Noun

Felicity Meaning in English:

      • intense happiness.

It refers to intense happiness, great joy, or a state of being supremely happy.

Felicity Meaning in Hindi:

      • सुख-चैन

Use of “Felicity” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: The bride’s face radiated with felicity on her wedding day.
Hindi: दुल्हन का चेहरा उसके विवाह दिन खुशी की किरणों से बह रहा था।
English: The surprise party brought felicity to her heart as she had never felt before.
Hindi: यह चौंका देने वाला पार्टी उसके दिल में एक अदृश्य खुशी लाई, जैसे कभी पहले नहीं महसूस की थी।
English: The felicity of the choice of colors in the artwork made it visually appealing.
Hindi: चित्रकला में रंगों के चयन की खुशी ने इसे दृश्य आकर्षक बनाया।

Synonyms of Felicity: Happiness, joy, bliss, delight, contentment
Antonyms of Felicity: Misery, sorrow, sadness, distress, unhappiness


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