Temerity Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Temerity – Noun

Temerity Meaning in English:

      • Audacity
      • Boldness

It describes a willingness to take bold risks or make daring choices without considering potential consequences.

Temerity Meaning in Hindi:

      • अकारण उत्साह

Use of “Temerity” Word in Sentences, Examples

English: His temerity in challenging the undefeated champion was both admirable and foolish.
Hindi: उसकी अद्वितीय चैम्पियन को चुनौती देने में उसकी धृतता साहसी और मूर्ख साथ हुआ।
English: Only someone with great temerity would attempt to climb that treacherous mountain without proper gear.
Hindi: केवल उसके पास विशेष धृतता होगा जो ठीक से गियर के बिना वह खतरनाक पहाड़ पर चढ़ने का प्रयास करेगा।
English: The temerity of the young artist to challenge the traditional art forms led to groundbreaking innovations.
Hindi: युवा कलाकार की धृतता ने पारदर्शी सुधार की ओर बढ़ने में मदद की।

Synonyms of Temerity: Audacity, recklessness, boldness, daring, nerve.
Antonyms of Temerity: Caution, prudence, timidity, hesitance, modesty.


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