Recoup Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Recoup – Verb

Recoup Meaning in English:

      • regain
      • recover

Recoup means to get back something that has been lost or spent. It can also mean to recover from a loss or setback.

Recoup Meaning in Hindi:

      • प्राप्त करना
      • क्षतिपूर्ति करना

Use of “Recoup” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: The company recouped its losses after a few years.
  • Hindi: कंपनी ने कुछ साल बाद अपने नुकसान की भरपाई कर ली।
  • English: The athlete recouped her strength after a long illness.
  • Hindi: एथलीट ने लंबी बीमारी के बाद अपना ताकत वापस पा लिया।
  • English: The government recouped the money it spent on the war.
  • Hindi: सरकार ने युद्ध पर खर्च किए गए पैसे की भरपाई कर ली।

Synonyms of Recoup: regain, retrieve, recover, reclaim, retake, get back

Antonyms of Recoup: lose, spend, waste, deplete, exhaust


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