Static Meaning in English & Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms

Static – Adjective

Static Meaning in English:

      • unchanged
      • fixed
      • stable

It refers to something that is stationary, not moving, or lacking in change.

Static Meaning in Hindi:

      • स्थिर
      • निष्क्रिय
      • अचल

Use of “Static” Word in Sentences, Examples

  • English: The old radio produced nothing but static; we couldn’t tune in to any clear stations.
  • Hindi: पुराना रेडियो सिर्फ अचल ध्वनि उत्पन्न करता था; हमें कोई स्पष्ट स्टेशन नहीं सुनाई दे रहा था।
  • English: The static population of the village hasn’t seen much growth in the past decade.
  • Hindi: गांव की अचल आबादी ने पिछले दसक में बहुत वृद्धि नहीं देखी है।
  • English: The company faced a lot of static from the employees when they announced the pay cut.
  • Hindi: कंपनी को वेतन कटौती की घोषणा करते समय कर्मचारियों से बहुत शांति रोक पड़ी।

Synonyms of Static: stationary, motionless, inert, unchanging

Antonyms of Static: moving, changing, dynamic, active


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