History Quiz – 33

Below are some Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from History frequently asked in various examinations like SSC, NDA, UPPSC, UPSC, CDS, and other State Examinations-

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1. During the Mughal rule in the field of agriculture, Parauti was the land


2. The word ‘Veda’ has been derived from the root word ‘Vid’ which means


3. Who said that the exploitative nature of British rule was ‘Bleeding India White’?


4. Mahatma Gandhi participated In the Second Round Table conference after


5. The Hindustan Republican Association, subsequently styled as the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA) was founded in 1924 by


6. An important part of the eastern court during the Gupta period was


7. Who was the first to use the term ‘Adivasi’ to refer to the tribal people?


8. In the Mughal administration, military recruitment had been looked after by the


9. The Secretary of State for India was given powers by


10. The Vedic deity Indra was the god of


11. The Woods Despatch of 1854 resulted in the


12. The first image of the Buddha-was carved out during the reign of


13. ‘My strongest bulwark is gone’ lamented Gandhiji on the death of


14. The Arya Samaj Movement had been started by


15. Which of the following is known as the Jain Temple City?




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