History Quiz – 40

Below are some Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from History frequently asked in various examinations like SSC, NDA, UPPSC, UPSC, CDS, and other State Examinations-

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1. Who among the following had authored the book, ‘At the Feet of Mahatma Gandhi’?


2. Govind Dhondu Pant, popularly known was Nanasaheb, and one of the principal leaders of the Revolt of 1857, was the adopted heir and successor of


3. “Mansabdars” in Mughal period were


4. The deep transforming effect that the Kalinga War had on Ashoka has been described in


5. Which of the following was the most important feature of the Montague-Chelmsford reforms?


6. The first writer to use Urdu as the medium of poetic expression was


7. The great exponent of Mahayana Buddhism was


8. The East India Company was established in the year


9. The office of Governor-General of India was created by the


10. ‘Gita Govinda’ as written in the 12th century by


11. The Indian Civil Service Examination was thrown open to all by the Act of


12. The Indians were allowed to frame their Constitution by


13. On Cabinet Mission, _______ observed, “the proposals preserve the essential unity of India which la threatened by the dispute between two major communities”.


14. The most striking feature of the Ashokan pillars is their




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