History Quiz – 50

Below are some Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from History frequently asked in various examinations like SSC, NDA, UPPSC, UPSC, CDS, and other State Examinations-

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1. Despite holding a monopoly, the East India Company had faced competition from what it had termed as the ‘interlopers’ represented by the


2. Which of the following Vedas is rendered musically?


3. The idea of incorporating, safeguards In the Indian Constitution was inspired by the


4. The Civil Disobedience Movement was suspended after the Gandhi-Irwin Pact. Why did Congress decide to resume the movement In January 1932?


5. The first Bengali Drama, written to highlight the brutality of the British indigo planters, was


6. The Ghadar Party was founded (November 1913) at San Francisco USA by


7. The Home Rule Society, popularly called ‘India House’, had been established in London to promote the cause of Indian independence, by


8. Akbar had got constructed the Buland Darwaza to commemorate his victory of


9. The term used to denote a group of families in the Vedic society was


10. Who was the founder of the Sankhya School of philosophy?


11. Mahabandula was killed at _____.


12. What did Ramanuja preach?


13. The main exponent of the theory of Drain of Wealth was


14. The Pallava king who adopted the epithet of Vichitrachitta of curious-minded was




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